Basara Milano - Via Tortona

Restaurant and Patisserie

In Medieval Japan

The term Basara referred to someone who did not conform customs of the time but searched for a personal lifestyle. Our restaurant is based on this philosophy.

Basara is open from breakfast to quick lunch, happy hour and up till dinner time.

In the morning offers traditional Italian breakfast of cappuccino, croissants, freshly squeezed fruit juices, smoothies and organic yoghurt.

For lunch offers a menu of light and appetising dishes, prepared at the moment, for a quick but quality lunch break.

In the afternoon Basara pampers you with a selection of pastries and desserts prepared daily by our pastry chefs, accompanied by a wide selection of coffee and aromatic teas for a delicious afternoon tea break.

During happy hour the space changes completely ... sliding panels and mobile furnishings radically alter the appearance, so it looks like another restaurant.

The shift from happy hour to dinner is almost natural ... Basara is a stylish sushi restaurant where you can enjoy all the delights of Japanese cuisine creatively reconsidered by Hiro, right in front of your eyes.

Hiro's masterpieces

Hirohiko Shimitzu

The owners are two very different people, united by the enthusiasm and the can-do attitude. Danilo, logistics professional, and Hiro, Japanese chef with an enviable curriculum, full of collaborations with the best restaurants in Milan. Andrea Langhi, architect, in recent years has designed some of the most famous bars and restaurants in Milan, from the 'G Lounge' to the 'Deseo', from 'Tocqueville' to 'Luminal'. For the realisation of Basara, the first transformable restaurant in Milan, the architect was inspired by Danilo's ideas, interpreting his requests and immediately entering in harmony... a solid foundation for a good friends and colleagues relationship. 

Basara Milano - Via Tortona, Milano

Via Tortona, 12 - 20144 Milan

+39 02 8324 1025

Monday-Saturday 10:30am-3pm and 7pm-12:30am

Sunday closed