Professional modular course

Are you looking for a course to deepen the practice and the technical secrets of japanese cooking?


The Japanese Cooking Modular Course is highly based on practice, and it’s formulated to guarantee a full professional preparation.

Indeed.the course is designed for professionals who have the desire to learn or improve the Japanese Cooking Techniques, thanks to BASARA sushi chefs’ experience. Since it is aimed to professionals, the course will take place on Saturday, to a total of 7 days. The course structure is designed in 3 separate forms.

The attendants will have the option to join all the forms, buying the full course, or not, by composing the course choosing the forms that more meet their needs.

BASARA also gives partecipants the chance to activate an internship, to have the possibility of increasing the hours of practice.


The course develops in 44 hours, divided in 3 indipendent forms as follows:

  • FORM 1: 26 hours of kitchen technical lessons, focused on fish cleaning, filleting and cutting, rice cooking, sushi preparation: hosomaki, uramaki, nighiri and sashimi.
  • FORM 1.A: 6 hours of refinement course, with chef Hirohiko Shimizu. The access to this form is reserved to partecipants in FORM 1. The partecipation isn’t mandatory to gain access to FORM 2.
  • FORM 2: 12 hours of lessons, focusing on hot dishes.



Classes are composed by a maximum of 10 students, in order to be monitored to the fullest by our chefs and educational coordination.

The lessons will be teached in italian language, so a little italian know-how is required.

Lessons will take place in the kitchen of the BASARA restaurant situated in Corso Italia 6. The restaurant hosts a professional kitchen wider than 60mq, with individual station set, to enable all students to work firsthand.


• Learning material

• BASARA apron

• Makisu

NON provided required material

Japanese Knives Set:

• Yanagiba - 27/30cm blade

• Deba - 18/21 cm blade

• Vegetables knife - 18/21cm blade

• Knife sharpening stone

• Kitchen tongs

Above mentioned material could be buyed at our headquarter at a preferential price.


Next course will start on September 2021.


Each form has a different price and puchasing the complete course will give the right to a discount.

It is possible to take advantage of a funding with an important credit institution.

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