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"A restaurant with an outdoor garden including offices and a professional oriental cuisine school. Basara Milano inaugurates its taste 'hub'" Original article >>>

Lonely Planet - Milano

"Making a name for yourself in Milan's sophisticated sushi scene isn't easy, but chef Hiro's lobster maki roll sings a siren song that packs this place out for two sittings every evening."

"Milano Maxima. Stories, places and secrets. Guide to the city of the future"


Secolo d'Italia - Il Saporario

"Yet again we tried out this great Japanese restaurant and, a year later, the result is confirmed: when you want to eat Japanese, Basara is a great choice." Original article >>>

Via del Gusto

"A gastronomic-cultural journey in the world of Japanese cuisine, discovering the secrets, techniques and ingredients that make it so loved and appreciated all over the world: this is the Japanese Food Academy's fascinating program at Basara milano." Original article >>>


"Our strength has always been to offer a gastronomic experience of a certain level at affordable prices, counting on a clientele which in fact becomes habitual. In Milan, via Washington, our aim is to replicate this format, while giving our Sushi Academy great attention. This is the first experience of this kind in Milan, a city that already knows Basara and we are sure that our brand will attract many participants at our courses. An opportunity for anyone who wants to realize their business dream and for those who want to get more acquainted with the ancient art of sushi." Original article >>>


"The chef Hiroiko Shimizu was amongst the first to bring a the excellent Japanese cuisine to Milan. Quality is fundamental and both the Milan locations are welcoming and elegant. An absolute must is the gratinated lobster uramaki." Original article >>>

Identità golose - Guida 2019

"Basara is a symbol that has been on the Milanese scene for a few years now and has never ceased to convince and amaze. & nbsp; In particular, for its intelligent vocation for dynamism: the Via Tortona restaurant, the first of a successful series, is in fact capable of transforming itself during the various times of the day so as to adapt to the clients' needs." Original article >>>


"The course organized by the Basara Milano – Japanese Food Academy offers a comprehensive and detailed program that upholds the traditions and customs of Japanese culture. The school is certified quality, a path that gives a further guarantee on top of the Basara brand." Original article >>>


" The “Gratinated Lobster” Uramaki is  one of the best rolls we've ever eaten in a Japanese restaurant. The taste is phenomenal and the Kobayaki sauce drives us crazy."  Original article >>>

Flawless Milano

"Without any doubt it's the speed that characterizes this resturant, particularly during lunch with its patisserie  concept, which allows those who work to have a quick meal without sacrificing quality."  Original article >>>


"Real sushi, in its most traditional form, along with original desserts made with Japanese ingredients. Rigorously presented in balanced dishes and prepared before your very eyes."  Original article >>>


"IReal sushi, in its most traditional form. And original desserts, with Japanese ingredients. Rigorously presented in balanced dishes and prepared before your very eyes."  Original article >>>


"The surprise, however, comes from the desserts menu; a patisserie with typical Japanese ingredients, including daifuku, a sweet rice paste filled with azuki bean jam."  Original article>>>



"Following the success of the three restaurants in Milan and Venice, Basara Milano opened in Costa Smeralda as well, in the heart of Porto Cervo, in the renowned Promenade du Port. Basara Milano is famous for Japanese cuisine, which chef Hiro revisits creatively, right before your very eyes for a quick lunch, a fun aperitif or an elegant dinner." Original article >>>


"Basara is named after a Medieval Japanese term referred to those embracing non-conformism as a way of life, and accordingly brought to Milan an innovative concept which brings together authentic sushi and creative patisserie." Original article >>>

Secolo d'Italia - Il Saporario

"The staff is friendly and helpful, ready to give advice to customers regarding the choice of dishes and to answer any questions on both ingredients and dishes." Original article >>>

Marco Beolchi

"The menu offers a choice of hot and cold dishes that are prepared on the spot, ensuring fresh and quality ingredients: excellent raw material and interesting combinations with elements that are certainly of a more "western" nature. Original article >>>

Virgilio Milano

"The Basara – sushi pastisserie is a veritable institution. Its style is unconventional, different from that of the classic Japanese restaurant”. Original article >>>

Vanity Fair

"Choose Basara in Via Tortona: here the day begins with the traditional dessert, the daifuku made with rice flour and anko (red beans). Yet the patisserie, in pure Oriental style, has much more to offer”. Original article >>>

Luuk Magazine

" Yet if you want to be on the safe side and surprise evenings are not your cup of tea, go to via Tortona, a stone's throw from there, to eat sushi at Basara, my fav!”. Original article >>>


GrouponMag - Chiara Maci

"What I tasted at Basara, a restaurant where the staff's friendliness definitely struck me, was an exploration of raw, smoked, truffled, cooked and aromatic flavors." Original article >>>

Passione Gourmet

"If Hirohiko Shimizu, originally from Tokyo, hasn't spent many years with a great master, then he must have learned the art of sushi quickly and very well. He's one of the very few, if not the only one in the city, to offer an 'Okonomi' service." Original article >>>

Identità golose - Guida 2016

"Here you'll find the perfect union between real sushi and an original patisserie made with Japanese ingredients." Original article >>>

Gambero Rosso - Guida 2017

"Basara means nonconformism, and this this is what the signp romises: an offer that's different from the usual Japanese food. Sushi and sashmi, indeed, yet with something different: a touch of creativity" Original article >>>


"An elegant sushi restaurant where you'll enjoy the best Japanese cuisine prepared by chef Hiro. Basara offers traditional dishes revisited with a touch of originality." Original article >>>



"Basara immediately intrigues and inspires confidence, starting from the sign (sushi pastry) and the menu, where the great classics of Japanese cuisine coexist with inviting digressions on the theme." Original article >>>

Il Milanese Imbruttito

"Hiro, the Japanese chef, has been able to revisit the classic dishes of Japanese cuisine in a surprisingly creative way, and has ferried this place to the top 5 'Imbruttito' preferences." Original article >>>


"A pleasant discovery amidst the Milanese culinary scene; the Basara restaurant and pastry will surprise you with its specialties, from breakfast to dinner." Articolo originale >>>


"A versatile restaurant, where Japanese cuisine becomes creative and original in the hands of chef Hiro. Whether sweet or savory tastings, here there is no lack of aesthetics: wonders for both the eyes and the palate." Original article >>>


Identità golose

"The restaurant, in both locations, is based on a simple and efficient idea: creating the perfect union of real sushi and an original pastry-offer based on Japanese ingredients." Original article >>>

Honest Cooking

"An excellent situation, dishes and great ideas for an unprecedented and courageous experience in Japanese cuisine." Original article >>>

Gipsy in the Kitchen

"If you've never tried Hiro's smoked salmon tataki with truffle, you've never been to heaven. Or his maki fantasy. Fish is art and its compositions are poetry. Undoubtedly the best Japanese restaurant in Milan." Original article >>>


Vogue Italia

"An exceptional sushi restaurant in a charming atmosphere that expresses elegance and refinement, both in the ambience and in the skilful composition of the dishes." Original article >>>

Honest Cooking - Alice Agnelli (Gipsy in the Kitchen) 

"My favorite is undoubtedly Basara, and I place it in my top 3 best restaurants in Milan, and first place among the Japanese restaurants in Milan." Original article >>>


"Is it possible to have a great breakfast and then enjoy a delicious sushi in the same place, in both an elegant and refined atmosphere?" Original article >>>


Identità golose

"From breakfast to dinner, it's great to have a meal in the new, eclectic sushibar-pastry restaurant in via Tortona, Milan. It's like being in Tokyo." Articolo originale >>>