When one has a meal in Japan, one takes part in a cerimony.The cuisine, in Japanese tradition, is an art that involves all the senses.
This is one of the reasons why the utmost care is attributed to the composition and colours of the dishes, each of which is served in plates made of various colors, material and shapes and carefully decorated.
Oru Chefs, work with passion in seeking the best quality raw materials in accordance with tradition. The selected rice, which forms the base of many dishes, is from Japan and amongst the finest on the market. It is cooked several times a day to ensure the right temperature and consistency. The fresh fish is delivered daily and fresh frozen according to current standards to guarantee all the healthy properties and make it a meal suitable for everyone, including expectant mothers. The algae, another fine ingredient of the Japanese culture, come directly from Japan and are of a very high quality

The growing demand for good , healthy and quality food, rich in nutritious substances and respectful of traditions, is completely satisfied at BASARA.