Iso 9001

Basara is the brand owned by Basara Holding srl born in 2011 from an idea of two very different people (a Japanese chef and a logistics professional), united by the enthusiasm and desire to do.

Basara is not just a restaurant but aims to accompany its customers in an unforgettable sensory experience.

The brand identity is based from a culinary point of view on the combination of sushi and Japanese pastry, from an organizational point of view on identifying strategic locations and charismatic staff and from a customer satisfaction point of view, good value for money.

In order to pursue the above principles and purposes, Basara Holding believes it is essential to strive for the following strategic objectives:

1. Search for good quality raw materials (especially fish);

2. Search for suppliers who share the policies of Basara Holding;

3. Involvement of employees in management through continuous staff training for the correct management of the processes of competence, in particular on production and customer service;

4. Cost control of individual raw materials through an IT system;

5. Computerized management of orders for delivery and take away activities;

6. Compliance with the legislation on food safety;

7. Cleanliness, order and punctuality in every activity;

8. Continuous search for innovation and improvement of the menu, activity, processes.