Sushi Corner

The experience so far enjoyed eclusively in the BASARA restaurants can now be brought to you wherever you wish!

Thanks to our Sushi Corner, we can now bring the freshness of our food and Japanese tradition for example to corporate events, weddings, private parties, business meetings or any other type of event.

Sushi corner was designed for every need of space, whether it be a large garden or a living room, because thanks to its modularity and various elements it can easily vary in size.

The corner is completely independent and comes with all the equipment needed for preparing and serving sushi: the staff in charge will not rely on the host's services and all the items required are delivered together. It also includes a fridge for storing fish, which is supplied ready and vacuum packed. Our sushi expert will prepare the dishes on the spot: a guarantee of freshness with an eye-catching impact.

Each event is unique and there are endless combination possibilities; write to us what you would like and we'll do our best to fulfill your wishes!


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